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At McColly Real Estate we believe in providing superior service through understanding your personal needs regardless of whether you are a first time home buyer, resale, commercial, land, new construction, or a luxury home buyer. Below are some of the amazing things our clients have to say about us. Interested in working with a McColly agent? Contact us today to speak to a qualified agent who is ready to help. 

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Even in this crazy market Julie was able to find me a good house at a decent price. We had to try a few times but I got the house I really wanted all within only one month of looking. They do not leave you in the dark when you ask what's going on. It seems like they really care about not just getting you a house but getting you a GOOD house that you don't have to do a lot of repairs on. Buying or selling a home is always stressful but they made it very easy.
Completely satisfied
I had heard only the best things about the Kelly Winterroth group. At first I was a little timid to call. It was the first time I ever sold a home on my own and I was terrified of everything! It took me no time at all after sitting down with Kelly that I felt completely confident that I had made the right call. She was so knowledgeable of the market and of all the things that needed to be done and how to get things done asap. She was there to help every step of the way! As an older woman, I am often worried about contacting the right person for a job. Kelly was there to offer several options at every turn, and even offered to call for me. It took a load of worry off my mind...though there were times I am sure that was not always apparent to her. She really was the very best person I could have worked with and I will be indebted to her kindness for a long time. And, once the house was closed and I was finding nowhere to move...Carrie Cuffe, the buyer for Kelly's Group stepped in with the same immediate help and knowledge. My daughter suggested I call her...I wasn't sure a real estate buyer would help you find a rental. She was able to help me secure a rental...when there was just nothing listed. Again, she was instantly available any time I texted and was constantly updating me on anything that I might be interested in. A very upbeat, fun group of women that make you feel you are being watched after and given the best deal. I am sure there are MANY women who are getting on and finding it hard to find that trustworthy company or person that will help you through this the Kelly Winterroth Group! You will be very glad you did! Thanks Girls!
Michael Drenth made everything about the sale very smooth. He is a great agent and person. We enjoyed our time with him.
Robbie and McColly were great to work with. This is our second time using Robbie and won't be the last
Jackie Harrigan was great I would definitely use her services again. She was professional and friendly.
Ed Del Real negotiated so well, kept us informed and really helped navigate being first time home buys with a difficult seller. He also assured us he would be following up with us. I have already been recommending him to clients that are interested in buying in Indiana!
Tami is forthright, very knowledgeable, and trustworthy. I especially am confident in her recommendations as she has been in the business for more than 31 years and her sales record is a testimonial of her expertise.
We can't even begin to describe how wonderful Amy has been throughout the entire process of selling our home! She has the drive, dedication & know-how that puts her well above the rest when it comes to realtors. If you want someone who will put you first, then look no further. Every step of the process was carefully explained to us by Amy. She will take the time to spell out all of your options and guide you along the way. Amy took what seemed like a daunting process and completely streamlined it and, dare we say, made it enjoyable! Communication was top-notch. Any time we had a question, Amy was quick to respond, day or night. Selling a home is a big deal with many potential surprises and pitfalls. If you do decide to sell, you'll want a professional who not only knows the market, but will also go to bat with your best interests in mind. Amy is that person.
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