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“We were relocated to this area and we only had a few days to find a house. Being first-time homebuyers, as well, made the task of finding a home seem daunting. The few days that we came here to find a house, Valerie was at our side the whole time. She really worked with us one-on-one to help us find the house we wanted, and she made us feel like we were her most important clients. Thanks to the personal attention we received from Valerie, we were able to find a great house that really suited our needs. She stayed with usfrom the time we met until the time we moved in...and she still checks in on us now!Thanks for all your help, Valerie!”Barb & Kyle Kintner, Valparaiso
Valerie is a high energy, detail oriented agent. She has been on top of every issue that has arisen and has been very proactive in ensuring we did not have any problems during our last relocation. Lastly, she is a very pleasant person to work with. She helped my family with many more things than just the basics of finding a new home. I will use Valerie when I leave the area.An often relocated,Allan Schreiner, Crown Point
RE: Outstanding Service Dear Valerie: I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the truly outstanding support you provided to my family and to me during our recent purchase of a home here in Valparaiso.From day one, you not only met our expectations but far exceeded them. Coming from out of state, we had a very limited window of opportunity to find something that would meet our needs. You burned the midnight oil researching and then showing us over 30 listings in just two days. When we finally found something, you made the arrangements for all the necessary inspections and even helped us to arrange financing. More importantly, after that, you continued to serve as our intermediary and personal advocate allowing us to satisfy some rather unusual, last-minute financing requirements. You resolutely stepped in to overcome obstacles when others were content to let the deal die, and without your help, we would not be in our home today.That type of customer service is indeed extraordinary. I have purchased two other homes and have never seen anything close to the support and dedication you display. We now consider you to be not only our personal realtor but our friend. Without hesitation, I will recommend F.C. Tucker and you, in particular, to anyone wishing to buy or sell their home in the Valparaiso area. Sincerely, John J. Kussmaul, D.D.S.
Valerie recently sold my Mother’s home in Lowell, Indiana in approximately 6 months. This home was a very unique piece of real estate. An older all brick colonial home, extremely well built for the times sitting on 26 wooded acres. Valerie was selected as our listing agent as she demonstrated the most comprehensive marketing approach and was the most candid regarding the improvements we needed to make the obtain the desired results. We rezoned 2 six acres parcels which she sold within 3 days of the listing. The home sold approximately 6 months later to a cash buyer. Her follow skills are impeccable and her utilization of the web to keep the seller posted of all activities and potential buyer/realtor feedback is very helpful. I would strongly recommend that you give careful consideration to using Valerie as your preferred realtor. Rodney Schoon, Fort Wayne
Dear Valerie,Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for the great job you did selling myhouse on Garland Circle in Wildrose. It was previously listed with anotherrealtor with no success. With your very professional approach and hardwork, it was under contract within a couple of months for full price!It shows how conscientious and hard working you are at getting the job done!I have and will continue to recommend you to others that need to have theirhomes sold!Thanks again for your hard work.Matt McFadden
My husband and I had been searching for a home over a year, and becoming very discouraged. We knew we weren’t looking for the ‘average home in a neighborhood’, and looking for horse property was ‘different’, but we worked so hard to get to the point in time when we could do this, and we were so ready!!!We were disappointed with our experience with realtors. It was the same story over and over. We’d find a house, contact a realtor to show it to us, they’d shake our hand, leave us their card, and say ‘call if you want to see anything else’. Not one, ever did a search for us, took time to talk with us, or helped in any way. We searched on our own.We called Valerie to show us a house. As we walked through the property, we knew once again, it wouldn’t work for us. The acreage was heavily wooded and had no place for pastures. We thanked Valerie, started to head out, but she stopped us in our tracks. She wanted to know more. What were our plans? Where were our priorities? On and on she questioned us, until she really got the feel of what we were looking for. It was like she was trying to get to know us enough to match us with a home! She immediately emailed properties. Compassionately, she lifted our spirits, encouraged us with hope, and told us confidently, “Oh, I’ll find you a house!” We trotted through some really strange properties, and Valerie, (such a trooper), alongside us through horse barns and pastures at a determined pace. Within three months we had a signed contract. Each phase of the buying process brought out another talent of Valerie. She kept and sent us records online of every transaction that evolved. Whenever we called her she always picked up or very shortly returned our calls, even when she was out of town!!!! Some unusual turn of events made our purchase a difficult one, and we saw yet another side of Valerie. She was tough when she needed to be! Her knowledge, experience, work ethics and good character are over the top. We have been in our new home for a few months now, and we are still receiving mail and phone calls from her. Her help wasn’t over at the closing. Moving is both exciting and stressful. We highly recommend the service Valerie provides and would call on her again for any future moves.With sincere gratitude, we thank you Valerie,Dan and Brenda GoreckiBit of Heaven Equine Estate
Dear Valerie, I would like to take a few minutes of your busy schedule to put words on paper about my experience working with you. My family and I have moved around quit a bit in our lives and moving around is not easy. For instance when we moved from Wheeling, WV to Fort Worth, TX my wife hadn’t moved anywhere previous and the move was a little rocky. The company that had moved us was not very professional and my wife had to do a lot of leg work in order to find a place for us to reside in. This gave our family a lot of stress, while moving to a new place and getting a promotion to a new job is stressful enough. Well 2 ½ years later came our next move from Fort Worth, TX to La Porte, IN and I thought, “here we go again.” I pretty much prepared my family for the worst. The relocation company contacted us and said that someone will be calling to help you find your new house and take care of your family so there is no stress. I said ok but I didn’t believe them. It wasn’t even 24 hours later and the phone rang and it was our realtor Valerie Rosenblum. Valerie went over a lot of things on the phone the first time we spoke, but all I could remember is her WOW factor. I work in retail and I thought, “That is legendary customer service.” Next we took a plane to Chicago and to meet Valerie in Valparaiso, Indiana. She was so professional and down to earth, it was amazing. At that moment she made me feel that we were welcomed to the area and a piece of Indiana already even though we never lived there before. Valerie took us around to several houses. She didn’t force anything on us and was well informed about each house in detail. She wanted to make sure that the house we chose was the house that we would possibly spend the rest of our lives in. We spent the entire day with Valerie and she even treated us to lunch. This experience with Valerie was not even close to what I have dealt with in my past experiences. I was impressed. After this trip my wife pretty much worked with Valerie and everyday I came home from work my wife would say Valerie called to check in and see how we were doing and if we needed anything. Well a month later of consistently receiving these phone calls from Valerie until our closing date, I was blown away. There was even a day that Valerie called and said the water softener was getting low. She told us not to worry. Valerie had went down to the local store and bought 4 bags and put them in herself. These bags are 40 lbs each and here is Valerie trucking them down a flight of steps and emptying them into a barrel. I have never heard of such outstanding customer service from a realtor, and I’ve moved 7 times in 11 years! Valerie was there for us every step of the way; always smiling and always had a can-do attitude. Valerie made miracles happen on a daily basis and that is why she is the BEST IN CLASS. I have talked about this story to hundreds and maybe even thousands of people that I work with and provide customer service to on a daily basis in my career. To really top it off, it was amazing that every Christmas and Birthday for my entire family there has been a card in our mailbox from Valerie. She’s never missed one. This is Legendary Customer Service at a level that only 1% of the people could even figure out. Believe it or not, I have just received a promotion again and the first person that we called was Valerie. She picked up the phone on the second ring and was at our house to sit down with us within 48 hours. This lady is one of the most unbelievable people that I have ever met in my life. She is so busy but always figures out how to get things done, get them done quickly, thoroughly and correctly. Valerie sat down with my wife and me. She reviewed in detail what she is stands for and what the company is all about. She gave us an overview of the planning needed so that timelines could be met. Listening to Valerie, all I could think about was that I am so happy that we have her to sell our home and she will do whatever it takes to produce a successful outcome. Having the GREAT experience that we had with her in the past and to hear how she is continually striving to improve her business, I was blown out of my chair. Something Valerie said during this particular meeting really hit home. Valerie said, “IF I DON’T FEEL LIKE A PIECE OF YOUR FAMILY WHEN I AM FINISHED TAKING CARE OF YOU, THEN I HAVEN’T DONE MY JOB”. I will be using this in my motivational speeches about how legendary customer service is created. This lady is PRICELESS and anyone that could ever cross her path would be honored. I have never seen anyone take care of someone just like they would take care of their own family. GREAT JOB! Remember to keep RAISING THE BAR AND TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL. Thanks for everything that you have done for our family, we really appreciate all the hard work and dedication.Yours Truly,James BeckettCabela’s Regional Manager
Dear Valerie, I would like to thank you for the outstanding job you did in helping me select and purchase a home. I felt that I was constantly being guided through every step of the process. Even when things were not running smoothly, you were there to give encouragement and to make sure that every issue was addressed. You left me with a feeling of complete confidence, with the way you made sure everything was done in a timely manner. I cannot tell you how happy I was with the service you provided and the level of professionalism that you displayed. I will never hesitate to recommend your service as a real estate agent.Sincerely,Beverly Zborowski
Our relocation from Northwest Indiana to Minnesota went much more smoothly than one would expect mostly thanks to Valerie. She managed several sales of properties at the same time as ours and made us feel like we were the only people she was working with at the time... her communication skills were outstanding and she always answered her phone or returned our calls right away. Her ideas and opinions were constructive and her experience and credentials all helped her to develop the best overall strategy with the sale of our home. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home. If we were to plan to come back to the area, I would call Valerie Rosenblum to help us find the perfect home! Nick and Marianne Sannito
I cannot say enough about how wonderful it was to work with Valerie. She was professional, knowledgeable and caring! Valerie's work ethics very hard to find these days. My husband was relocated to Ohio so time was of the essence in selling our home. Our home sold in 20days! Wow! What I appreciated most about Valerie was her honesty, advice, compassion and guidance through this process. It is not easy to pick up and move to another state. With Valerie being so on top of things, I was able to focus on other issues and really just had to follow Valerie's lead and direction. I was able to do so because I trusted her and knew that she would do what was in our best interest. Shereally couldn't have made it any easier. Valerie also respected us and the fact that we have two small children. I can honestly say that we received the same courtesy, respect and service that she would have provided to her own family. Also, the amount of work that Valerie puts into selling a home is amazing. She obviously loves what she does and takes a lot of pride in her work. Her marketing strategies are outstanding, her communication with us was outstanding, having our very own website which listed all activity is a great tool for clients. I am so so so happy that we were able to work with Valerie. We honestly and truly have Valerie to thank for our family not being separated until our home sold. In summary, it was a pleasure working with Valerie on both a professional and personal level. We cannot thank her enough for taking such great care of us.Chris Crawford & Andja Ljuboja
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