Title, Relocation & Home Warranty

Purchasing or refinancing, Community Title can help.

Owning real estate is one of the most precious values in the quest for the American Dream. And for most of us, a home is our largest purchase, as well as our most guarded asset.

Community Title works to facilitate the orderly sale and conveyance of the property and to compensate a home buyer for any loss resulting from defects in title which are insured against and not shown on the title policy. This gives the seller and the buyer peace of mind, literally and legally.

Peace of mind comes with a small price. Nothing dampens the excitement of buying or selling a home like the discovery of major repairs and fix ups, especially after you've spent your last dollar on a down payment, closing costs and major moving expenses. When there's a failure in their home, homeowners count on HSA to take care of the problem.

Whether your move is cross-country or cross-town, let McCOLLY Real Estate's accredited Relocation Services Department assist you. McCOLLY Real Estate has been helping people relocate since 1974. Our relocation team is devoted to ensuring a successful move for you. Our experience relocation coordinators will provide you with high-quality personalized service.