Commonly Asked Questions


Q. What does the course cover?

    A. Our course clearly and concisely presents the principles of real estate by experienced and qualified instructors. This course fully prepares you for the state exam by covering areas such as finance, ownership, Law of Agency, contracts, appraisal, transfers, fair housing, etc.

Q. Is there much math in the course?

    A. Only a small portion of the course contains math. The state exam, on average, is about 10% math.

Q. Is the course hard? I have been out of school for a long time.

    A. Make an honest effort and you'll pass. One of our students celebrated his 72nd birthday during the course!

Q. Does the school offer placement assistance?

    A. No, it it prohibited by state law. Some of the real estate companies hold career sessions to explain the business and look for new associates for their company. Check the Sunday classifed ads or call the real estate office of your choice for dates.

Q. How much are the text books?

    A. Text books and all class materials are included in the tuition.

Q. Does the school offer tuition assistance?

A. No. The school does not, but some real estate companies offer tuition reimbursement if you affiliate with their company. You can find out who, by attending career sessions or by talking to office managers.