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Indiana, a state known for its rich history and diverse landscapes, is home to several unique communities that embody its spirit. Cedar Lake, with its serene waters, offers an idyllic setting for nature lovers. These communities, each with their unique charm, contribute to the colorful tapestry that is Indiana. Find your Indiana community today. 





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Northwest Indiana

Northwest Indiana Region

Northwest Indiana, a vibrant region within the Chicago metropolitan area, is an attractive place for potential home buyers. Comprised of several counties including Lake, Porter, LaPorte, and Jasper, it's known for its mix of urban and suburban living, with access to both the natural beauty of Lake Michigan and the bustling city life of Chicago. It's also home to some of the best places to live in Indiana, such as Munster and Valparaiso, offering a variety of residential options. Notably, the region is recognized for the Indiana Dunes — a natural treasure that attracts millions of visitors each year. With its strategic location, robust economy, and diverse lifestyle offerings, Northwest Indiana presents an appealing choice for home buyers.

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Jasper County


DeMotte, Indiana is a small but thriving town located in the northern part of Jasper County. Despite its size, DeMotte is home to the "Field of Dreams," a community hub where residents gather for exercise, sports, and local events like the farmer's market and annual Touch of Dutch festival. The town also has a number of departments, including utility and bill payment, administration, and even a dedicated water department. With a median home price of $209,950, DeMotte offers an affordable place to live in a close-knit community setting.

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Lake County

Cedar Lake

Cedar Lake, Indiana is a scenic town in Lake County, known for its largest natural lake in Northwest Indiana. Offering various recreational activities, it has parks along the lakeshore, a boat launch, beaches, and a fishing pier. Besides nature, it hosts the Lake of the Red Cedars museum and Operation Combat Bikesaver, a veteran charity organization. With a population of 11,560, Cedar Lake blends natural serenity with modern conveniences.

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Crown Point

Crown Point is a lively city in Lake County, Indiana, serving as the county seat. With a population of 33,899 as of 2020, it's known for its rich history and landmarks like the Old Lake County Courthouse. Attractions include the Lake County Historical Museum, Deep River Water Park, and proximity to Indiana Dunes National Park. Praised as one of Indiana's best places to live, Crown Point offers a mix of history, community spirit, and natural beauty.

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Dyer is a charming town located in St. John Township, Lake County, Indiana, United States. As of the 2020 census, it had a population of 16,517 people. Dyer is recognized as one of the best places to live in Indiana with its rural feel and a plethora of parks and restaurants for residents to enjoy. 

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Highland is a vibrant town located in Lake County, Indiana, United States. As of the 2020 census, it has a population of 23,984 and was officially incorporated on April 4, 1910. Once a swampy region known as the "Highlands," it has transformed into a thriving community offering a plethora of recreational activities. Highland is situated just east of Gary, Indiana, near Lake Michigan, making it an attractive place for those who appreciate proximity to natural beauty.

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Lake Station

Lake Station, Indiana, is a charming city nestled in Lake County, offering a unique blend of rural tranquility and suburban convenience. As of the 2010 census, it has a population of just over 12,000, ensuring a close-knit community vibe. The city boasts beautiful parks, including the expansive 43-acre Riverview Park with amenities like a swimming pool, sand volleyball courts, and boating. Lake Station's history as an early depot stop on the Michigan Central Railroad adds a touch of historical charm. With a total area of 8.431 square miles, of which 98.45% is land, there's plenty of room to find your perfect home. Plus, its proximity to Chicago makes it an ideal location for those seeking a quieter lifestyle while still having easy access to the hustle and bustle of a major city.

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This charming town, nestled in Lake County, boasts a robust population of approximately 11,441 residents as of 2023. Known for its rich history, founded in 1852 by Melvin Halsted, Lowell offers a unique blend of rural serenity and proximity to bustling areas like Crown Point. The town is home to the Buckley Homestead, a living history farm that offers seasonal tours and annual festivals, making it a great place for family-friendly activities. With a range of real estate options and a community-oriented atmosphere, Lowell is the perfect place to call home.

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Schererville, Indiana, fondly known as the "Crossroads of the Nation", is a charming suburb located just 45 minutes southeast of Chicago. With a population of nearly 30,000, this town offers a perfect blend of urban amenities and traditional Hoosier charm. Schererville is conveniently situated at the intersection of U.S. Route 30 and U.S. Route 41, providing easy access to various parts of the state. Whether you're a fan of basketball, corn fields, or simply looking for a comfortable place to call home, Schererville is worth your consideration.

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Winfield, Indiana, is a charming town located in Lake County, offering a blend of small-town charm and modern conveniences. The population has shown steady growth over the years, indicating a thriving community. Nestled in a peaceful environment, it's a place where you can find safety, community spirit, and ample recreational activities. Additionally, Winfield schools are part of the Crown Point Community School Corporation, known for its excellent education system. With its strategic location, local businesses, and ease of access, Winfield promises a comfortable and serene living experience that makes it a top choice for home buyers.

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La Porte County

La Porte

La Porte, Indiana is a charming city renowned for its historic downtown and natural beauty. It's a gem in the heart of LaPorte County, offering a unique blend of tranquility and excitement.  The city is dedicated to outdoor activities, surrounded by enchanting lakes and parks that offer an array of activities and sight-seeing opportunities. The cost of living is low, and with top-notch schools and nationally ranked hospitals, La Porte is not only a smart place to live but also a promising place to grow. With a diverse demographic and a rich cultural heritage, La Porte is definitely a place worth considering for your future home.

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Porter County


Chesterton, Indiana is a picturesque town that offers a wonderful blend of suburban comfort and natural beauty. With a population of 14,241 as of 2020, it's a serene and welcoming community. Chesterton is home to the enchanting Indiana Dunes State Park and the Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve - perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. If you're seeking a place that offers a high quality of life, consider Chesterton for your next home.

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Ogden Dunes

Nestled on the shores of Lake Michigan, Ogden Dunes, Indiana is a tranquil and picturesque town that offers a unique blend of suburban comfort and rural charm. With a population just over 1,000, this quaint community exudes a warm, welcoming vibe. The town is renowned for its serene environment, beautiful beach, and an array of homes that cater to diverse preferences. Ogden Dunes is also home to many retirees, reflecting its peaceful ambiance and quality of life. With its close proximity to Chicago, residents can enjoy the tranquility of small-town living while having easy access to the amenities of a major city. Whether you're looking for a cozy family home or a peaceful retirement haven, Ogden Dunes could be your ideal destination.

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Portage, Indiana, a vibrant city nestled in Porter County, offers a rich blend of natural beauty and urban convenience. Just 40 miles southeast from Chicago, this suburb is known for its accessibility to the Indiana Tollway, I-80/94, making commuting a breeze. The city offers a robust outdoors scene with ample trails and recreational facilities, coupled with a strong sense of community evident in its weekly meetings and events. Notably, Portage is home to the Indiana Dunes, adding to its charm for nature enthusiasts. Considering its strategic location, economic stability, and natural allure, Portage, Indiana could be an ideal place to call home.

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Valparaiso, Indiana, often referred to as "Valpo," is a charming city with a rich history and vibrant community. As the county seat of Porter County, it offers a blend of urban amenities and rural beauty. Known for its historic architecture, unique shops, and curated boutiques, Valparaiso provides a welcoming downtown district that exudes charm. The city is also home to Valparaiso University, adding a touch of academic vibrancy. With 238 homes currently listed for sale, there's a range of options to suit various preferences. Valparaiso's location on the edge of Northwest Indiana's bustling industrial district makes it an ideal place to call home, offering a balance of small-town charm and easy access to larger metropolitan areas. 

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