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Beautiful beaches, extensive parks, charming towns, relaxing privacy and fascinating history.  The town of Ogden Dunes is a small lakeside residential community located in Porter County, Indiana. This beach community is known for its coastal Lake Michigan ambiance nestled within the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

Nonetheless, Chicagoans and many others are once again calling Dune Country home. Ogden Dunes is located in Portage Township, Indiana. They also are calling it a number of other things: some refer to it as the “Casual Coast”; and the Chicago Tribune even called it the "Hamptons of the Midwest."

Ogden Dunes, once home of a famous ski jump. In 1927, the Grand Beach Ski Club, later the Ogden Dunes Ski Club, bought a piece of land on one of the high dunes in the town. They constructed a 192 feet tall ski jump. The first meet was held on January 22, 1928. For the next four years, meets were held in Ogden Dunes. The longest jump ever reported on this structure was 195 feet. In 1932, the Norwegian Olympic Team of Birger Rund, Hans Beck, and Kaare Wahlberg (gold, silver, and bronze medalists) came to Ogden Dunes to try the tower. During the Great Depression the Ski Club had financial setbacks; combined with little snow, the club looked to sell the tower. In 1935, a ski club in Rockford, Illinois, purchased the tower and moved it that summer.

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Annual Events include, Family Fun Night on the Beach, Memorial Day Race, Parade and Picnic, Fourth of July Sandcastle Contest & Fireworks, Chili Cookoff and an Annual International Beach Clean Up.