McColly Foundation


Thank you for considering the McColly Foundation to support your non-profit organization.

We receive many requests for donations and sponsorships, and we make a
concerted effort to accommodate as many requests as possible. Requests must be made online via the application form found here.

To make the greatest possible impact with our available resources, we
currently are focusing our giving
in the following areas:
- Food banks and other hunger relief organizations
- Health and well-being causes and organizations


An organization applying for sponsorship must meet the following eligibility
requirements before their application will be considered.

  1. The organization must be able to provide documentation of their tax-exempt status, or be sponsored by a fiscal agent who has tax-exempt status.
  2. The event must take place within the Foundation’s service area and benefit the people of Northwest Indiana and the Chicago Southland (Will, Kankakee and Cook Counties).

We are not able to provide the following types of assistance:
• We do not provide discounts, monetary donations or product donations
   at the local office level.
• We do not allow any organizations to fundraise, sell items of any kind
   or otherwise solicit customer support at our office locations.
• We do not participate in program ads or public service announcements.

Please allow at least 3-4 weeks for the McColly Foundation to review and respond to your request. The McColly Foundation will not consider requests that do not allow adequate time for review by the Corporate Giving Review Committee.

Click here to see a list of charities we've contributed to over the years.